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There's no right way to organize your home. Whatever strategy you choose just has to fit your lifestyle. However, there are a few tried-and-true strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of any system. From being aware of clutter hot spots to identifying which methods are not working. Over 20 years of Professional Organizing experience, I have learned some smart approaches to getting organized so you can save the time, money and stress that comes with being disorganized.

1. Do NOT take everything out of your space.

Let's say for example, you want to organize your kitchen, go get 3 or 4 of those nice grocery bags you have laying around. Designate one for "Donations" one for "Trash" one for "Recycle" and one for "Keep", start with one cabinet in one corner of the kitchen, then start sorting!

2. Purge.

Purging will be your best friend! If it is broken, toss it. If it has stains, toss it. If you haven't used it, donate it The more you purge, the less cluttered your space will feel and the more room you will have for things you use.

3. Like with Like.

Starting putting like items together. Let's use the kitchen pantry example; canned goods with canned goods, pasta with pasta, sauces with sauces, baking with baking. I do not start putting anything back, until I see what groups I have, purged what I don't need, then put things away.

4. Do not leave a mess.

Make sure to take your donations and drop them off. Do not leave the section of the space without clearing it out. This is important, you need to make time to deal with those bags you have created. if they are donations, donate them that week. If you have trash, walk yourself outside and dump it. If you have keep items that do not belobng in that space, label the bag put it away until you start on the next cupboard. Once that bag gets full, then start the sorting process all over again.

QUICK TIP OF THE DAY: do not purchase any storage containers, until you complete the space and figure out what exactly you need.

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